Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick Gift Card and Money Holders

I wanted to share a quick way to make some gift card and money holders that will also double as tags and ornaments. It is fun when you wake up on Christmas morning and on the tree there are all kind of extra little goodies that have been left by Santa and the elves! And having a really great gift wrapped up with a cute tag letting everyone know who it is for that is also holding an extra little treat raises the excitement to a whole new level!

 I used some really FAB Hambly products to make a few of these fun items and did a quick walk through to share how you can do it too!

For a money holder I started with a piece of Hambly Silver Chicken Coop overlay that was trimmed at 3" wide and 7" tall, then a piece of inexpensive laserjet transparency for the back at the same size.

 Stitch around three side, I left one of the long ones open because I wanted it to be easy to slip the money in and out, but if you are a prankster you could do it the other way.

 Carefully place a rub-on in the location you would like it to be, and starting rubbing!!

 Add a place for the to and from and maybe a snowflake for the tree topper, it is all good!

Punch a hole in the top and then add the cash and then it is ready to be hung on the tree or tied to a gift box! And who doesn't love a little cash? The perfect gift for all occasions!

If you are giving gift cards, do the same thing only measure for the gift card instead. This time I placed the inexpensive transparency as the top layer and put a rub-on there as well for a little more dimension, so cool!
Add the gift card and place on the tree or as the gift tag! The great thing about these bad boys is that they are re-usable too! Sturdy enough to use every year for the kids that are at home, or re-purpose as a page element for extra pictures or a pocket for some journaling, cute!!!

For a fun gift tag that can start as an ornament until you are ready to get it onto the box fold a pleated flower and then hot glue the ribbon or string on.

Very festive, and again you can re-purpose to a page by snipping off the ribbon, and putting it on a card or page! I found the kraft card stock stickers came off pretty easily and it would look great with a button or a big bow in the center instead!

And if your brain isn't ready to explode with all of these fun ideas, and you need a quick gift as well, place some of those gorgeous rub-ons  onto some glass containers and give the gifts of goodies!

Who doesn't love some delish snacks in adorable containers that can be used year after year?



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you my friend are amazing .. the money holders and such .. SERIOUSLY love that idea

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