Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday! It is one of those days for me where nothing is going seriously wrong, and loads of things are on track. Taking time to appreciate those kind of days is what I am trying harder to do. That is definitely a qualification for a very happy Tuesday.

I was fortunate enough to share Mother's Day with my mom and sister, and I made a delish Tres Leches cake that was gobbled down in no time at all. For my mother's day gift from my mom I got some gourmet chocolates and help sewing a skirt and for her I made her a large pack of birthday cards that she can have on hand for those just in case moments. How was your day? I hope fantastic!

And while we enjoyed the family time together, the highlight of my day was getting to call Tyler.
Still on cloud 9 from our hour long chat, and so were Dave and the other kids. He sounds fantastic and of course misses us but is having a great time in Campo Grande, Brazil. He even has a Portuguese accent when he speaks.

It is getting really cold down there right now and so he found himself a warm beanie and is wearing as many layers as he can when he is out and about. He has lost a lot of weight, He wasn't a huge guy when we sent him out, just about average, but he is thin as a rail now from walking about 35 kilometers a day. (I don't know the math on exactly how many miles that is, but it is probably close to about 20+) No wonder he is cold, he doesn't have any body fat left to keep him insulated. ;o)

He has about 10 months left before he gets home and the next time we will get to speak to him will be on Christmas Day. He will turn 21 this October, and that is going to be hard for me to not be able to celebrate that milestone with him. But we will have a big shindig, with all his favorite foods, for him when he gets home.

Anyhoo, the rest of the week I am going to be spending getting prepared for a big adventure to New York City, I have a red eye flight Saturday night! Will spend a few days there and then the next Thursday will find me in Buffalo at the CKC event there. Will get to meet my dear friend Julia in real life!!!
If you have any advice on what I need to bring or where I need to go, would love to hear it!!!



Lynn said...

Bec- I'm teaching in Buffalo!!!! We need to hook up! What will you be doing there??? I need to email you.

If you have a passport or birth cert, etc., bring it. My friend and I (told you about her... a Utah chic, too!) when we were at ranger.

Anyway, we want to go to the Canada side of Niagra Falls. She's been at Buffalo teaching before and says the NF trip is a blas and no biggie.

Julia said...

Scream! Can't wait B! Bring that passport as you REALLY need to see it from the CDN side. Of course Canada has the BEST side. ;)