Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shes a Busy Girl!

Chloe has been so busy this year as a junior in high school. She is getting straight A's in her classes, and they aren't cream puff subjects. Her days are filled with subjects like math, chemistry, spanish, honors english and an art class that keeps her in balance. She loves school work and her teachers think she is a delightful student. We are so pleased with the choices she makes and has her priorities in good order. We are so blessed by her and our other kids, it makes everything so worth while. It is so funny to think that when Tyler gets home in a year, Chloe will be preparing to graduate from A.M.E.S. and they will both be freshmen in college at the same time! (my bank account groans at that thought, LOL!)

Some advice that a parent of older children told me when my kids were littles is that when they are busy they stay out of trouble. It is when they are not involved, committed and busy that trouble is easier to find. So if you have littles and wonder if you will ever make it out with your sanity intact (I wondered that!) the answer is yes, and it is all worth it! Find what they love and keep them busy with it if you can.


p.s. The project was made with the Studio Calico Anthology line and a spray mist made from Adirondack Dimensional Pearls that had been loosened with water and spritzed from a mini mister. Zva Creative pearls are the finishing flourish.

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