Monday, February 01, 2010

Did You Know?

This is a little known fact...

You CAN'T take HUGE scissors in your carry-on with you when going through airport security.

Just saying...

Can you see the scale of those shears next to my size 7 shoe? And to top that off, they are so heavy duty! I wasn't about to let go off these bad boys without a little tap dancing, so I got on my dancing shoes and started tapping!
Here is how it all happened.
Teresa called to find out where I was so that Stefanie could come and scoop me up so we could get to the airport before rush hour traffic got out of control. Good thing I had plenty of room in my carry on where I could put all the stuff I had acquired through walking the last day of the tradeshow. A few pieces of paper, some small packs of embellishments, cuttlebug plates, stamp making set, and a large set of scissors. You know, all the regular everyday kind of stuff for a crafty crafter. Shove all that into the carry on and get on the road, easy peasy.
Go through ticketing, get the big bag on its way and start through security with all of this harmless stuff anticipating an easy flight home. You should have seen the faces of the guys who were looking at the scanner, I stood there for a couple of minutes wondering what was taking so long for that bag, I had all of my others. Who stuff was behind mine that was hanging my stuff up, still completely clueless that I was the one hanging everyone else up. (that airport only has one scanner and everyone goes through it) Then it dawned on me! I was the doofus! (not a big surprise, I know) A kind, patient looking agent pulled me aside and asked what was in there, I sheepishly relayed my stupidity and he asked me to tell him where the scissors were without touching the bag. Of course it was in the bright orange Fiskars bag so that was easy to describe. Teresa felt a little embarrassed for me and suggested that I ask if I could mail them to myself or ask the ticketing agents if they could put them in my suitcase that had already made its way to the tarmac. I relayed my request, and he walked me through the terminal to the exit point, handed me the scissors and then said "see you in a few minutes". This is where I credit the quality of customer service that JetBlue offers. I approached the same ticketing agent that had just helped me and asked if I could have a huge favor, and then relayed the whole story to her. She laughed at/with me and then kindly took the scissors and said no problem, the bag was gone but it shouldn't be a problem to identify it and get them safely put in. Seriously? Can you even believe that I got to keep those fabulous scissors after all of that? They are now tucked away with my fabric stash awaiting the moment of inevitable service, and I am sure that they are glad that they have a home with me and not in the trash bin at the Long Beach Airport.
As a crafter, I got a groove, as a scary terrorist not so much. My advice is to not try this at any airport anywhere else in the world or you might risk getting frisked, detained and missing a flight..




Musicmom-Amy said...

That is SO funny!! Glad it turned out okay. It really could have been nasty at LAX.

Anonymous said...

You were definitely at the right airport! Lol. Such a great story - I bet the TSA agents were laughing about it all day - even better story of Jet Blue customer service - not all airlines would have been so nice!

Glad you had a great time!

Christine said...

Funny story; you can't bring little scisors on either. Embroidery, yes; scisors, no!

laura vegas said...

that is hilarious! those scissors are HUGE! glad you got to keep those.