Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did You Have a Merry Little Christmas?

I sure hope so! We did. It was very low key and simple. Our finances are very tight (as they are for most!) and so there was not a large pile of gifts waiting under the tree like there had been in times past. But it was a beautiful day where we had waffles together for breakfast, opened the gifts at noon, had 45 minutes on the phone with Tyler in Brazil and went the the movies together. Easily one of our best family days together since Tyler went on his mission. Tyler is amazing, and we loved hearing what he is up to, what things are like there and how much he has learned in such a short time. Doing a little mom math, I figured out that he is over 35% done with his service and soon we will get to start counting the days the other direction.
Today everyone has slept in and when they get up they will enjoy some chocolate chip pancakes, time with the dogs and then maybe a little shopping at the sales to spend some Grandma money.

Best wishes for a peaceful weekend for you and yours.

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Brenda Hurd said...

sounds like a great christmas - so glad you were able to talk to Tyler! Time has flown for me - probably not so much for you! Glad he is doing well! hugs!