Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis the {Busy} Season!

Sorry to leave you hanging with that big ol' picture of my head for so long! I have been pretty busy working on quite a few different projects, and loving every minute of the craziness! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, hope everyone else was able to enjoy time with their families and friends!
Now light speed to Christmas! Which brings me to one of the fun things that I have been working on! I put up a tutorial today over at Every Thing Creative for stamping on our templates, a very easy and fun way to personalize gifts for the people on your holiday gift list! Everyone loves handmade gifts, especially when they contain chocolate, so maybe this would be something you would enjoy sharing.

Also I have a fun thing happening over at Ellen's for the next 12 days. Lisa and I have had fun getting this ready, so hopefully you will take a few minutes to pop by and check it all out!

I still have cards to do for our family, going to have to put in a few late nights to get it all done. How are you doing on your preparations for the Holidays? Staying sane or cracking under the pressure?

I hope you take some time to slow down to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate!

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Rachel Carlson said...

holiday prep? my recent blog post says it all - HA. UGH. ♥ you!