Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gnome Sweet Gnome

I just wanted to quickly share a layout that I love. Called "Gnome Sweet Gnome", it is about Carter, his Halloween costume and how he came up with the idea.The layout is a little older, but with Halloween upon us I thought it would be so fun to share!

This was my favorite costume that he has ever worn because he came up with the idea himself and did most of the figuring out how to do it with what we had in our closets. I did have to make the hat and beard, but that was the easy part!

I am thinking I might need to borrow this idea for my costume this year since he and the sisters have decided to all be zombies together.

Hope you are having fun with your kids and enjoying the holiday prep! I love to celebrate Halloween because it is the one holiday where it is all about the kids!



Rachel Carlson said...

AND this was also the costume that inspired a costume for my hubby where he won a contest at work for it. cheers to gnomes! ♥rach

Lydia said...

this is both a wonderful layout and a great costume, love your choice of pattern paper the woodsy feel is perfect!