Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Big Release Day and I missed it!

It has been pretty darn hectic around here, and I didn't have time to make another project with my latest releases, but that doesn't mean that I can't share what they look like with you! The September Stamp Of The Month is called "Owl Silhouette" and I think he is super cute! I also did the sample project for this stamp, and it was super stampy!
As for the other two sets, there are some wonderful samples in the galleries! The first set is called "Fall Harvest" and has so many wonderful seasonal elements that are perfect for single or layering designs. And the other is a personal near and dear because of the topic. It is called "Can It", and it was inspired by my childhood years where I would help my mom and grandparents put up my family's favorite fruits and veggies. A tradition that I continue with putting up our family's favorite flavors of jams to enjoy during the chilly winter months. I am hoping to get to play with them more this holiday weekend when I should be in my studio more and not driving carpool! Will be sure to share if that happens. Looking forward to the long weekend with the kids, it is kinda hard having the house quieter in the day, but they are loving being back in school. Nothing excited planned, just some time watching the US Open tennis tournament, a little crafting and sitting around enjoying their banter and giggles. Pretty much my favorite stuff!



Lisa Pace said...

These are awesome.

iring said...

Yummy sets! So sorry about your layoff at CFH, just reading about it. You seem to have a positive attitude. Enjoy a little down time while you have it! Didn't realize those were your projects on the cover and inside Paper Crafts! Congrats! Cute projects all over your blog!

Cindi (iring on twopeas)

Brenda Hurd said...

great stamps Bek - love what your doing. The canning one is great - i need that (although i really wouldn't know what to do with it because i totally suck at stamping) - but it would still be a good one to have! Can't wait to see you this weekend - make sure to let me know if you have more coming! Hugs!