Sunday, August 23, 2009


Seriously? Already?
Where did this last week go? Where did the entire Summer go?
The kids all go back to school tomorrow, and we did try to squeeze as much fun out of the season as we could, somehow I feel like I have missed the mark. They are mostly prepared to head back, we need some new clothes and such, but there is plenty of time for all that.
Laurel starts at the U tomorrow, and will be driving herself in the little red car that has the manual transmission, I am more nervous for her with the driving and parking thing than I am for the class part, what is wrong with that picture? She has eleven textbooks and they are heavy!
Chloe had a rough day yesterday, we were worried that it was her appendix, but it wasn't. She has an ovarian cyst and we will have to keep an eye on her to make sure that it resolves in the next few days. It sure causes her a lot of pain, and it makes me feel so bad for her. She is a tough girl, we are sure that she will be fine.
Went to a card swap group for the first time on Friday evening, and it was so fun! The girls are very creative and after we swapped cards, we decorated bags. I loved that, we sat and visited, ate junk food and played with paper some more. There are two Kelly's with the same birthday as well, that was fun to watch them figure that out together!
Hope everyone has a good day, I am going to church for a few and then finishing some projects that have a tight deadline.


Megan said...

So sorry your daughter is going through pain just before the start of school. I hope she finds herself better soon.

And don't worry about the driving/parking. It's all part of what makes the college experience so amazing. I still remember the feeling as I pulled into the college lot alone for the first time (in a manual, mind you). I checked my hair and make-up in the mirror, said a little prayer, grabbed my pink backpack and went forth, full of excitement and anticpation. You're not silly for worrying about this. It really was a big, defining moment in my life. Almost like parking the car was symbolic of me crossing into adulthood and the great things I was sure were waiting for me. It's okay to think about this huge moment, Bec, but try not to worry. Instead, be excited for her. And be proud of yourself for raising a beautiful, smart, strong daughter. Not all kids take this big step (or drive), so the fact that she is is all the more special!

(Whew. How's that for a novel? Sorry about that.)

Thinking of you and yours!

Steph said...

Beautiful page! Just discovered your blog. I love your projects and will be stopping back often!

Anonymous said...

do you remember Taylor had the same thing happen in OREGON??? It was so painful. I'm so sorry Chloe had to deal with this.

i love your layout!!!!!!

How are you holding up????

Brenda Hurd said...

so sorry Chloe has to go through that - i feel for her. And HUGE congrats on the cover of PC - i am so happy for you! Wish i could see you more so i could some big hugs! Just know i'm always thinking about you and if you ever need anything - please let me know! Hugs!