Monday, August 10, 2009

Make Yourself Comfortable

It has been a while since a post, and hectic is a great way to describe life right now! Trying to keep up with deadlines, finishing up the Summer Stamp Star contest (going to announce the overall winner very soon!!) husband traveling alot and getting the boy ready and out for a week long hike with his scout trip in the high mountains has kept me hopping!
So I wish I had a new project to share, but they are all for other stuff. So instead, a few pictures of the bad babies and how they spend most of their day. That is my bed, and I do actually make it everyday, but you would never know this by how it looks after they get comfortable on it. And they are both often on it together, all snuggly and cute!! How Novak squeezes himself under the bed like that is an act of contortion that you have to see to believe, and watching him get out is even more awkward, but he sleeps like that at least a couple of times a day, it is his little doggie cave. BTW, the height of his lung carriage is about 8 inches taller than the height of the bed, it is some weird math. We wash the linens and bed spread all the time, but when they come in with dog paws that usually have been digging or running through the grass and dirt, we just can't keep up with the maintenance at times. Climbing into bed to find doggy dust is really icky. And heaven forbid if Nikolay decides that he wants to snuggle with us at night, he is a bag of bones (they both are) and just lays on top of whomever, if that is where he wants to be.
Hope you are having a comfortable Monday, I know my dogs are ;o)



Unknown said...

lol It's a dog's life!

Brenda Hurd said...

hey sweets -if your not too busy - come play with me!! Love those big scary dog pictures!!

Rachel Carlson said...

HA! i so wish we would have allowed the pups to sleep with us....oh WAIT, that's in a different life. the boys are adorable beks!

Anonymous said...

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R. Lynn Shell said...

I see flatzoi


Haven't checked in in a while - nice to see the boyzois!!