Thursday, March 12, 2009

Five days and I want to stop counting!

I know, I need to stop whining about Tyler leaving, you are all probably so sick of it!!!

The quote on this card is what I wish for him, and I know that by letting him go he can do anything that he imagines. (it really is so hard though!) They don't tell you that when you leave with them from the hospital to take them home for the first time. Seems that there should be some disclaimers of some kind dontcha think?

Dear Cath has given some wonderful words of advice and comfort and also excellent suggestions for reading that I have really appreciated.

We have a weekend of plans and activities that will allow us to spend extra time with Tyler and our extended family that want to spend time with him and wish him well.

Hang in there with me, I promise I will talk about something else soon!



Brenda Hurd said...

cute cards - i love that gnome. I can't believe he's leaving so soon - thinking about ya and hoping your soaking up every second you have with him!

Leah said...

I don't have kids leaving the nest yet, but I can imagine how hard it is! My little baby that was just born is turning a year in 2 weeks...letting go is so hard! Love your card:)

Houston said...

It's your blog you talk about whatever you want! I hope that this weekend was wonderful, enjoy the next few day. You are all in my prayers. Huge (((((HUGS)))))

suzyplant said...

I can't even imagine Becky! My son is about to turn 18 and I only have him for a little over a year. It makes me sick every time I think about him being gone. When I read your story today, it touched me. I feel like we are giving them to the Lord for two years and as tough as it is, they will be better people when they return. The problem for me is, they go out a boy and return a man - that makes me worried! xoxo