Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey You!

I have a lot of gratitude today for the amazing people I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with because of my love for crafting and memory keeping. The constant support, generousity and inspiration keeps this hobby so fresh for me, and keeps me playing and having fun, so lucky!!
Celeste is one of those people who is a wonderful friend, but also one of the most talented artists in the crafting community, her designs for Basic Grey are legendary, and her contributions to Paper Crafts magazine are gorgeous! Her latest release is Porcelain, and I can't wait to dig into it!
This little card was made with the Urban Prairie line, I LOVE that little bird, makes me so happy!!!
I had some more happy email from the absolutely darling Brandy! She is so CUTE, and her hubby is adorable too, Their children are going to be gorgeous for sure!
A note from Megan just to say hi, makes my heart melt, she doesn't know that I have a cold, her thoughtfulness is such a gift! My nose may be running and my trash can full of tissues, but my heart truly overflows from friendship and kindness!
A little back and forth with Cath to discuss a couple of details for some projects is such a treat, she knows how to say so much in the most succint of sentences, a gift.
Sweet Claudine is going through a rough time, her sweet Toby got some bad news today. It is so hard to know exactly what it is she is going through and to still not be able to do anything for her. Breaks my heart for them. She is such a wonderful friend, she does so much for so many, I wish I could do something more tangible to give her support.
The ever thoughtful and oh so considerate Julia. She is so talented, and brings so much inspiration to others lives, yet has time to share thoughts and ideas with me as a co-worker and as a friend, so lucky that we can comfortably blur those lines!
Lisa will call and listen to my goofy dog stories, and I hers, and along with that we get to look at beautiful art. Planning the future, adjusting to the current and re-hashing the past is always a challenge that I relish!
My adorable Kim she is that must have everyday phone call.
Then a note from Tim Holtz was the icing on my cake. Tim and I aren't technically friends (yet) but I got the thumbs up to go to Ranger U. There I hope to make many more friends and get to know happy crafters from all over!
Those were just a few of the AMAZING people that I had the opportunity to interact with today, I wish I had more time to write more about everyone that I feel immense gratitude for, but know that I think about and appreciate so much all that you do!

So when I say "Hey You", I mean YOU!!!

You all rock!!!


Brenda Hurd said...

i'm going to put in a big shout out to YOU~! Your pretty great yourself ya know - and i'm pretty lucky to have you as a friend!! Congrats on Ranger U - so fun!

Anonymous said...

You rock! Congrats on Ranger U.

oh, thank you too.

B and D said...

Becky you are so sweet!!! I agree with you, one of the fabulous benefits to working in this industry is the amazing friendships we get to make. Thanks so much for all your support (especially in recent days) and I hope you had fun at Bunco!

Houston said...

You are such a sweet girl, it's so not hard to love you!

Kim Hughes said...

you are so loved and appreciated :)

Rachel Carlson said...

you are amazing beks, simply amazing. congrats on ranger u!

Mary Kay said...

Love you!

Julie said...

You know you rock, too, right?!!

Cath said...

Becky--you are the one who ROCKS! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your love and enthusiasm. Every time I turn around, it seems, there it is!

Have fun at Ranger U!

Megan said...

Listen, you. You're surrounded by love because you're always willing to give and share it. Thank you for being my friend, a constant support and an overall wonderful person to be around.

I'm sorry you have a cold. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. I STILL have bits of a cold that I got at CHA. It's no fun at all. Take care, my sweet friend!

Dawn said...

I love the colors on this...They are wonderful!

celeste said...

becky you are too awesome, thanks for the INCREDIBLE card, i'm seriously going to frame it and put it somewhere! and your nice note was so sweet, i really feel blessed to know you. thanks for being such an amazing cheerleader. and best of luck to tyler! so exciting.

Anonymous said...