Saturday, January 31, 2009

Home Sweet Ranger Home!

Claudine's Studio Line has been my favorite product of late to build my projects from, so when I was invited to create a house for the Ranger booth, I jumped at the chance! I had a long list of ideas that I was tempted to try, but the one that fit me best was a winter themed "Chalet". It is hard to tell by the pictures, but this bad boy took me nearly a month to conceptualize, engineer and execute. A detail that you can't see is the individually stamped shingles that were glued on with the multi-medium one piece at a time. And getting the roof to be bent, not easy! It took one evening to hand stitch the trees and the next to hand stitch the door and windows. It was definitely not the most artistic house there, but it was the most glitter covered, LOL! And remember the whole glittering with a headlamp incident? Yeah, that would be this project. If anyone is interested in how some of this was done, let me know and I will post more details.
Moxie Fab, the Paper Crafts blog is a wonderful resource for great pictures and inspiration from the CHA show. I saw so many products that I am itching to get my hands onto.
I even had to run to Heartland and pick up some of the new My Minds Eye, and if there had been more new releases already in stock, I would have brought them home too!
Looking to find some crafty time tommorrow, worked on a stamp concept today that I hope I can get figured out, I really like it.


Anonymous said...

This is what I am talking about when I say you amaze me!! I saw that house in person and let me just say you rocked it! Seriously - wish I had the talent with mediums outside of digital that you do! It was great to see you at CHA! If you ever visit Heartland in Bountiful call me! :)

Rachel Carlson said...

i am so proud of you beks! was great to see you a few times at CHA, never long enough though...pout. thanks for the invite to utah, i'm working in a road trip. i KNOW that you and the pcl gang can hook me up with some cupcakes too - tee, hee! loves, rach

Julie said...

You are so very creative! I am always amazed at what you create