Friday, November 28, 2008

The Drama of the Nonfat Dry Milk...

Not to be confused
with the
"Stories of the
Condensed Milk"

"Tales of the
(I will save those for another telling...)
No this little ditty is of the same genre, mystery, but this one is a serial (not to be confused as a cereal!) because it is continued every year on Thanksgiving day.

The treasured recipe for delicious dinner rolls is found in its special book, the ingredients carefully prepared and measured. And just as the yeast is being prepared to start its journey to bring life to the rolls that are integral to every family get together, it is discovered that one critical ingredient has yet to be found and measured...

That elusive nonfat dry milk! Where does it go to hide? We all know that no one will actually make it into a glass of milk to drink, and no other recipe we prepare uses it. Yet every Thanksgiving when it is time to prepare this favorite roll recipe, the nonfat dry milk is no where to be found. And every year an emergency trip to the market has to be made in spite of all those long lists and other trips previously made. How lucky we are this year to finally have a teen age son who was willing to run out and acquire this essential item with enthusiasm (and the reward of one bottle of Dr. Pepper). Quite honestly when I noticed and then mentioned to Dave that we would have to make that special trip, we both sighed heavily and rolled our eyes, "not again" was the thought that we both shared. How many times does this scenario have to be played before we can figure out how to prepare for this event completely? That my friends is the mystery, I am hoping that the telling of this drama will place it more completely in my conscience so that it does not have to bear repeating, but unfortunately, I know myself a little too well. Alas, it is my belief that we will yet again have an installment in this unfortunate series, and that it will be just as amusing as this year's episode was.

In spite of all that transpired, the rolls were delicious, and the homemade blackberry jam was thrilled to have such a spectacular ride into the gullets of my guests.




Mary Kay said...

At what point are you going to find seven boxes of nonfat dry milk, huddling in a hiding spot at the back of the pantry?

Julia Stainton said...

Yummmm sounds delicious! And I'm so glad that I'm not the only one things like this happen to! BTW...are you going to share that recipe?! :)