Wednesday, October 08, 2008

New Method Playground challenge!

This challenge was given by Paloma, and I enjoyed it so much that I made two projects! The challenge was to get out that basket of rub-ons and use them! Create a project that uses up a bunch of those gorgeous rub-ons that are collecting dust! On the first one I used a bunch from Fancy Pants and My Mind's Eye that I loved, just had never had the perfect project for (sound familiar?) So this time I planned the perfect project and let them be the star!
The second project was where I pushed my self even more and used just kraft and black. The Basic Grey rub-ons were leftover from a set I had already cut open and had left languishing and waiting for some love. This project really speaks to me because it helped me find a story that needed to be told, and to do it in a different and very memorable way. (It is a disney page!)
If you can find some time to play, leave a link at the Method Playground blog and you might win a RAK.

Beautiful day here in Utah, I really should be out with the camera snapping a few pics, the colors are so phenomenal!

So excited, I just got plans made to go to Vancouver B.C. in November, and I can't wait! I love visiting with Christina, Terry, Kodi and LuLu!!! My family pretends to miss me, but they will start making their "list of movies to watch while mom is gone" now.

Funny to see what dad lets them get away with while I am away...

(That is okay, I let them get away with a few things while he is gone too. ssssshhh don't tell him)



Anonymous said...

wow gorgeous rub-on usage! very cool

Brenda Hurd said...

beautiful layout - and you go for making 2 of them! The kids and I always do fun things while dean is gone - eat out lots - icecream every night - movies movies movies! Love it- i'm sure they will miss you though!

carolann said...

fantastic LOs well done hun xxxx

Houston said...

Hmmm.... what movies do you think will make the list?