Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday Tyler!!!

What a day, Tyler celebrated his big day by bossing us around and kicking his feet up! We watched a "Chuck" marathon, thanks to aunt Rox and uncle Bret! Then the new Indiana Jones movie and now the baseball game. I told you he had his feet up, LOL!

His request for a birthday "cake" was pie...

Pumpkin today and Apple tomorrow.

Speaking of apple, a layout I made after his graduation earlier this year telling the tale of how is getting ready to move on in his life.

So not ready.

Another big moment today, he finished his mission paperwork and will be turning it in tomorrow. Proud and and sad all in one moment. It really was just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday with a costume party with family and neighbors and he was dressed like a little jail bird. (Very funny when he was in his crib for a nap!)



Brandy and Dave said...

Maybe I am out of the loop, but I love the idea of dressing a baby up as a jail bird...LOL! I've never heard of that one before. Tell your son happy birthday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a local mission (for mom's sanity). :) ~Brandy

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!
i tried calling you yesterday-
hope you were busy doing some fun

Aly D said...

sniff, exciting and sad. congrats!

Mary Kay said...

Happy Day, Tyler!

Julie said...

Aren't you too young to have a child that old? ;) I can understand those mixed emotions. It is hard to watch them grow up so stinkin fast.

Emily Pitts said...

oh man, your NOT old enough to have a missionary!