Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scraproom reality check...

Yeah, it is pretty bad.

I need to clean in a serious way, and the interesting thing to note here is that you can't see the floor. I didn't take pics of that on purpose because then you would know how really bad it is!

I love to craft, and trust me, I know where everything is in this mess (that fact actually is a little frightening to me) It all gets put away when I am done with it, really! I hang, drawer, stack and place it all back into where it belongs. The problem is that it is completely saturated. I love every little bit of it too, want desperately to find time and energy to use it, but obviously that is just not possible. I have been working on giving it away, but that doesn't help when I go to the store and buy some more! Robert's had their new Basic Grey, Sassafrass Lass and BoBunny at 40% off last week, you would think that I could walk away, but I couldn't! Had to have some of it!

So there it is waiting for me to get it out and make that mess a little bigger...

Anyone have a back hoe?

The good thing about it is that at any given moment I have anything and everything I might possibly want to make a project, gotta love that!
So a little project love to share!
A mini card made from the Kim Hughes paper pack. Scallop punch from McGill and some Prima flowers.
Seriously, who loves ya baby!
So with the thought that I have piles of some really good stuff, leave a comment if you would like a box from my saturated scrap room. I will randomly pick someone to share with!


javajudi said...

I can relate to your mess and your thoughts about over saturated with STUFF!!! It makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not the only one burried in supplies.

Quick question - how did you create the photo composition showing your scraproom? How did you get the three photos to fit into the square? What that with Flickr or PSE? I like the way it looks.


Parker and Emma's Mom said...

As another scrapper I can totally relate!

Jennifer Roach said...

And I thought my room was bad ;)
Cleaning is on my agenda today but I'm not brave enough to take a photo LOL!

Becky said...

Hey Judi!
Good question.
I used photoshop, and made a 10 x 10 canvas at 72 dpi for sharing on the web. I worked in layers and resized each of the images until I got them into an arrangement that fit and that I liked.
Hope that helped!

Houston said...

Well geez, who wouldn't want a box of fabulous stuff from your sweet self? Did you see my room, it's clean, I have room for more ;)

joscelyne cutchens said...

My room is pretty bad too. but out of the mess comes creativity! :)

Mary Kay said...

I am not in need of any more scrap stuff, as I just purged my own stash mercilessy (because, after all, I don't scrap anymore). But I'm pretty sure I know where you could put some of those things to good use as prizes. :)

Nancy L. said...

Oh, you must be a happy crafter w/ all the things you own. I would love to have some of it! I just started to build my stash, I its not even close to yours. Love your blog and I'm loving the CHF products!!!

Emily Pitts said...

you are brave! i should take a picture of my room. your's looks just as messy as mine, but mine looks dirtier than yours.... hmmm....

as paula said, 3 more sleeps!

AK2CO Girl said...

oh goodness, I don't feel so bad about my room knowing I'm not the only one who can't control the creative process.

Kimber McGray said...

SERIOUSLY laughing at your 'hole'. i was feeling bad about mine... hahahaha!

love ya Bek! ;)