Thursday, August 14, 2008

So many things going on...

There are so many fun things going on at Cornish Heritage Farms right now!
The Thomas Kinkade papers are shipping!!!
These papers are so easy and fun to use! These are the papers with the art, the packs also have amazing background pieces that are complimentary, YUMMY!

I am doing an online class that uses these papers, I hope you will join me!

We also have three new designers that were added to the farm, Jennifer Roach, Joanne Allison and Carole Burrage! I have added their links to the list on the left, if you have a little free time, you should visit, they are so talented!!!

The girls and I went out this afternoon and saw the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". I cried, Chloe welled up and Laurel made fun of us. Good times, LOL! I love sappy, pretty, message movies and so does Chloe! It was fun to share this with my girls!

I am sure there was more that I wanted to share, but I guess it will have to wait because I can't remember right now...



Brenda Hurd said...

hey! LOVE those papers - look so yummy! I want to see that movie - glad you had fun with the girls! Ummm - STILL waiting for 2peas to get back with me - i will try again tomorrow!

carolann said...

These papers are awesome hun great work xxx