Friday, August 22, 2008

Mocha Chica Day!!!!

It is Mocha Chica day at Cornish Heritage Farms!!!
What does that mean exactly?
Kim Hughes latest release is on the shelves and shipping!!!!

The papers are amazing, and the stamps that compliment are adorable!!!
Congrats dear Kim, so grateful you shared your gift with all of us!
Happy Mocha Chica Day all!


Emily Pitts said...

so i don't drink coffee, but how cute is the name mocha chica? i just want to say it over and over again. mocha chica :) cute page bek! i love the colors!

carolann said...

Fantastic layout hun brilliant colours well done xxx

Brandy and Dave said...

Thanks for the cute comment on my blog and for the fun facebook treats! I hope you don't mind that I've added your bloggy blog to my list of favs. I love your stuff and want my fellow citizens of blog land to check it out. ~Brandy