Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monster CHA blog post!

After an early morning at the airport and an easy flight, Kim and I made it to Chicago! We got to our hotel ditched the bags and hopped a train to downtown! We walked around a few block radius, shopped at Loehmann's and had dinner. It is a beautiful city, and I would have loved to see more, somewhere I would love to make a destination trip to!
We took the train back to the hotel and met the gal who would be my roomie for the next five days and my newest BFF Ellen Hutson! And from here, it just got better! We visited for hours, and then Miss Mona Lisa joined us, we had a great time laughing and visiting.

Thursday morning brought us to the show floor with our bags and boxes of things to ready the booth for display with. The curtains got ironed, the display boards made and the creation station put together. Dawn, Lisa S., and Julie were all able to come and help, LOVE them!!!
After the booth got put together we all went and had a wonderful time together having some dinner and getting know each other! Dawn told our sweet waitress that it was my birthday, they sang to me and let me blow out the candles, very embarassing and so thoughtful! For a much better telling of the tale, go visit Julie's blog!
Friday opened the show with a busy booth! I had heard so many rumors, so I was very nervous about how things would go for us! We had a bit of a rough location from deciding to go so late, but thankfully the people who wanted to find us did, so happy!
One of the first visitors to the booth that required a hug was Christyn!!! She made the crazy trek to find me, and it made the morning perfect!!!
On a quick bathroom break, I lucked into a few more peeps that I was hoping to see, Aly D, Emily P, Janet o and a couple of other wonderful girls! The great thing about the shows is that you are running into people that you know on some level the whole time, it is great!
The sweet, and fabulously talented Debbie Olson came by the booth and I had a chance to visit with her and can I just say that she is the real deal! Thoughtful, genuine, clever and so considerate, she has the whole package going for her! Of course I met loads of other FAB women and when we went to the SplitCoast Stampers social, I was completely overwhelmed with meeting the community and getting to know a few of them, so cool! Richard, Lisa and I then went to a delightful store in the Chicago 'burbs called Stampology where we enjoyed wonderful hopsitality and great company from a few of the other manufacturers in the stamping/crafting industry.
Saturday brought lots of meetings and the booth was so busy again, that I never had a chance to walk and see anything! Not complaining, just saying...
Wow, so happy that Cornish Heritage Farms is really breaking some big barriers!!!!
Saturday evening brought the Two Peas social, and it was great to get to catch up with a bunch of the girls that have been friends and my community for crafting for the last few years, very fun! After that some dinner with Catherine and Kerry, Kim, Kim and Lisa at the Outback. I needed a big meal, it really helped me get my feet back under me! A few more hours of socializing with friends and a nice long rest and I was ready for Sunday!
Sunday brought a quieter day and more visits from friends, Houston, Rachel, Emily and Mary Kay made it to visit! Made me so happy! It also gave Lisa, Richard and I a chance to find some of the sources that we need to get some of our other projects off the ground, good meetings and great info!
Of course the highlight of the day was having a chance to catch up with Miss Claudine! She is so fun, talented and NICE!!! Her product line is so clever and usable in so many ways for cross-crafting, so excited for her!!! I know it is going to be a huge hit, and I can't wait to get it myself! We lucked into her having a quiet evening, so we grabbed her for a little light dinner that involved a LOT of laughing, she has a wicked fun sense of humor and even in light of her BIG life changes, she was able to sit back and relax! Such a fun and enjoyable way to spend the last evening! After din-din we went back to the room and spent the evening visiting with Ellen and laughing even more, Lisa and I had some samples to finish up that needed to make a FedEx trip the next morning as well, so after a little crafting and giggling, it was time to get some sleep!
A nice morning with the chica's and it was time for me to get to the airport and get home!
I am so blessed to be involved with this company and to have such wonderful friends!
Thanks everyone for being part of my life, I really appreciate it!


AK2CO Girl said...

It was great to see you too!

Houston said...

We all love you too Becky! It was so grea to see you and check out all the amazing stamps that CHF offers.

Discount Designer Shopper said...

Oh, but darling.. the biggest question is:

What did you find at Loehmanns???
After all the biggest deal in designer apparel is not to be dismissed. Please tell me you found some delicious designer find to show off back home.

Kimber McGray said...

It was so awesome to see you!!!