Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a day!

Yesterday was National Scrapbook Day...

The day that smart women made up so that they could shamelessly share their passion for all things crafty, enjoy each other's company and get messy! This is a layout I made to celebrate this wonderful un-Hallmark event! Over at Cornish Heritage Farms we had our very first NSD, and this was the sketch that Lesley had created specifically for the exciting event. Good stuff!

I got to spend the day with Kim just shopping and taking it easy, my husband is a saint!

I also wanted to share this layout, it is done with Teresa's Bella Girl line, I love to document the everyday things, and I love to find unexpected ways to do that! This paper is a little prissy, so making a layout about going to camp with it was fun, and I felt like it helped to tell a little bit of the story for me without a big blob of journaling.

After I got home in the early evening from dropping Kim at home, Dave and I took the kids to see the movie "Ironman". It is such a must do, it is fun, has great music and was really well done! It wasn't long enough, and that is said from the perspective of being absolutely exhausted, and having a bladder full of 44 ounces of Mountain Dew! It was about 2 hours long, and the time just flew by, can't wait for the sequels, and Robert Downey Jr. was GREAT! It is a must do for everybody!

There you have it!

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Sue McGettigan said...

Cute layouts - Happy NSD!! Robert Downey Jr. is aging mighty well dontcha thing?? MMmmmmm :)