Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scrapblock Love!

You know how a couple of posts ago I had exciting news that I couldn't wait to share, but was giving a hint at? (It wasn't glittery ink, but that was a fun guess Karen!)
It was all about the Scrapblocks!!
Perfectly sized, fantastic quality and gorgeous patterns, that is what I am talking about!! I have been making projects like a crazy lady with these, they are so addicting!
I have nicknamed this project my HeartFelt bookmark! The kids think that it is so cute, they all want one to help them keep their place in their summer reading!
So here is how you do it:
Stamp your felt with the 6 x 6 houndstooth Scrapblock with Staz-on Ink. Fold in half with the stamp side to the inside and draw (or trace) two hearts, one larger and one a little smaller.
Cut out with pinking shears and stitch 2/3 of the way closed. Stuff and finish stitching it closed. Cut 12" piece of ribbon and find two buttons that you like and stitch the ribbon and button on at one time. DONE!

I love little projects like this, they remind my peeps that I love them and they let me feel like I got something done, LOL!
So summer reading...
Got any suggestions?
We are huge Harry Potter Fans, and with that option now gone, we need ideas!
A few of us have gotten into the Twilight series, but that doesn't cover all of the bases. The Potter series came at a very magic time in our family's development when their imaginations were all very large and ready for grand adventures. We could share these books between everyone and talk about them for hours on end. I might not be able to recapture that...
Anyway, there will be many trips to the library and bookstore in our future, so I will be making more bookmarks with love!


Valerie said...

So cute, what great bookmarks! My son is on the 3rd book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage.
Book one is Magyk, Book two is Flyte,
Book three is Physik.

Lori Craig said...

Look at you!!! This is just darling... I love that word for things I love... darling! :) My girls would love these, too! We're on the same street as our library just 3 blocks down. They love to go there.

Anonymous said...

Being a Tchr Libr'n I have stax of book ideas for you:0)) If you loved HP then try the Charlie Bone series. A fantastic Australian author if you love fantasy is Emily Rodda. Try her Deltora Quest books or her newest The Key to Rondo...great stuff. Happy Reading! Linda

Karen Bowers said...

very cute hearts bookmark!

i've been having fun reading the pendragon series.