Saturday, May 10, 2008

Paper Crafts goodies

It is out, my very first assignment with Paper Crafts is in this months mag!
When darling Celeste (who has some gorgeous freebies on her blog right now, btw!) was absolutely on overload over the holidays last year, she asked me if she could refer me to Paper Crafts as someone who would have time to work on a project. I was beyond flattered. Celeste is a rock star in my world and for her to feel comfortable enought to endorse me like that was absolutely mind boggling! Of course I said yes, I could never say no to Celeste, and even if I was a little harried that time of year, it was a wonderful opportunity to work with that amazing team.
So here is where the bummer of my computer crash comes in...
I had pictures of the project that I could share now, but I can't because they were on my computer. I backed up as much stuff as I could until my external hard drive was going to explode. So please run out and buy the June issue and let me know what you think!
In other goings on today, it is my sister Roxanne's birthday! I joined her and a friend Julie with our mom for lunch and the movie "Made of Honor". Lunch was good, the movie was okay and spending time with Rox was fantastic!
Mother's day is tomorrow, and I am hoping to at least get a breakfast made for me by my kids, LOL!
I will let you know how that goes later. Hope all of my mother buddies have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you get taken care of as well!


Anonymous said...

Congrats B - I can't wait to see it! Hope you have a wonderful Mom's day!

Sonda T said...

congrats girlfriend! I saw it in there yesterday as i was reading the june issue during Bay's therapy appt. I was smiling for ya. :) You rock!