Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little blog siesta, sorry!

A bit of a hectic week, and loads of cool stuff going on with us!
Tyler of course is thrilled about having just a couple of weeks to finish all of his big presenatations for his program were this week. He looks like a huge laod has been lifted off of his shoulders and he isn't as grumpy as he has been. Good stuff!
Laurel just has a few more large tests and papers and she will be ready for the summer break!
Chloe is almost done, a few bigger projects some tests and she will be singing halleluyah!
And Carter is in skate mode, he probably has stuff he is supposed to be doing, but when asked he tells us it is all good...
Lots of exciting things happening for us at Cornish Heritage Farms, I can't wait to share what the next product release is, it is seriously killing me to keep it to myself!!!!
The card I am sharing has a little bit of a hint on it, notice anything?
What are your plans for the long weekend? I am going to be in the scrap room amking a mess! Sounds fun right?!!!


Karen Bowers said...

i'm guessing glitter ink.

lovely card, becky.

Mona Lisa said...

Well oh my heck. Um, WAAAAAYYYYY CE-UTE!