Friday, April 11, 2008

Toilet Paper Bandits...

Have struck again!

That is what I am up against, LOL!
I had just put a new roll of my favorite Costco Charmin big rolls in the bathroom. And I had forgotten to close the door behind me. (should you really have to close the door to the bathroom after you have left it?)
Well, I walk into my room and see these sweet faces laying down looking all innocent and cute...
walk into my bathroom to that mess and they just look up at me like sweet little innocents.
Boys, I wasn't born yesterday! I have had each of my other children do this, I know a guilty party when I see one!
Oh, and that little shred of paper hidden under your tail wasn't unnoticed.
This is what I am up against everyday.
Thank goodness they are so cute!


AK2CO Girl said...

I know that look! Luckily Tanner doesn't devor the big roll, but @ 3+ he still chews up socks if I don't close my closet door he'll pull them out of the hamper.

Kim Hughes said...

awww, those faces!! I love reading about your dogs :)

Julia Stainton said...

LOL I'm still in the habit of closing the bathroom door every time. It drives the rest of the family crazy as they think it is occupied.My 2yo finally has stopped being a problem in that area but he always had a rollin good time in there.

Love the dog pic! They are tooo cute!

Liz said...

So so funny! LOL! Literally all down the toilet right!