Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Thank You...

The May CK with my card that was in it was just delivered to my door. So happy, they spelled my name right, LOL!

I have yet to have a "layout" in a regular issue of CK, maybe someday, but I really do enjoy making cards, so having them pubbed is a treat!
The puppies had a busy day, they broke their cookie jar while I was running Carter to school this morning and ate all the biscuits that had been in it! They are so funny, they are so playful and busy for a little while. Then, CRASH! They sleep for hours! We have given them all kinds of chewing things to help them with their teething and need to destroy stuff. They have ripped up stuffies and scattered the fluff all over everything, they have chewed up all kinds of bones and they love their "kong" toys and ropes. But, this did not prevent them from enjoying a quiet evenings enjoyment of chewing, ripping and pulling on a chair that we have had for twenty years...
Yeah, one of those carved rosewood, queen ann style, fan back chairs. Now this chair was not in pristine condition by any stretch of the imagination, it has lived a very busy life with us. But it was in the same place that it has been for a few years when the boys found it, standing there helplessly. I love those puppies, but that was a bit of a bummer!
Let's just say that they are getting away with a lot, LOL!!
We have a hectic week happening, but it is all good!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this sweet card. and i shed a little tear for your chair, good thing those puppies are so darn cute!

Houston said...

I was so happy when I saw that card! Let's just say I have a thing for that green paper and birds! So sorry about your chair, I guess the pups won't be antique collectors!