Monday, April 14, 2008

New cards to share!

I got to spend a little time this weekend playing with my stamps, and it was fun!

I am experiencing a large learning curve with the stamps, and I have figured out that while I am a really techniquey (yes Mary kay that is a word...)scrapper, not so techniquey with the stamping...

I will get there, I have a lot to learn about inks, paper toothiness and copic markers, this adventure is so exciting!
I am definitely NOT abandoning my scrappy ways though, I have just been hoarding layouts. I will share a few of those soon though!
Anyway, you know I love glitter, and that Scenic Route grid paper was so fun to stamp with the Tsukinko glue pad and then sprinkle that green color that Doodlebug does that I love so much! That is just a SUPER happy card!
And the stars are all from different Kim Hughes sets, but they looked great with the paper from Little Yellow Bicycle "Zach's Life" collection. Interesting color combo!
Anyway, the sun is shining for just one day here in UT. I got to play tennis outside, and the dogs have had peaceful naps on the lawn. Good times.


Mary Kay said...

If you say, so, Beks. I like to use hyphens to make questionable words seem more acceptable: technique-y.


Love the cards-- especially the glittery dots. Woo hoo!

(word verification is unhhduew-- the French way to spell "Undu?")

Houston said...

Amazing cards, as always!

christie said...

Cute Cards! Love them!

Jenny L. said...

These cards are so cute! I really need to check out these stamps.