Friday, March 14, 2008

Novak's first snow day!

Cute little dogs from Texas aren't used to the snow!

And sweet "little Novak" has only been here about a week, so when we had some flurries that stuck around for a while, we had to go out and play for a long while so he could enjoy the Utah powder! A little known fact about Utah snow is that it is a great treat for kids, and Novak just had to try it for himself! He was so cute walking around and licking the planters, the ground and the chair seats on the deck! It all tasted so good, he just had to take a lick off of everything in the yard!
By the way, if you are a nerd, you will totally get this...
It is PI day!
3.141592654 (that is how many Carter can remember, Chloe can remember about twenty more of the digits, but she is not home!) Tyler is celebrating with a bunch of his super nerd friends at his super nerd school (AMES-Academy for Math, Engineering and Science) with an open mike night at school, GOOD TIMES!
We are having a quiet night at home, we have been hectic this week (I know, big surprise) so we just wanted to relax! Chloe has been busy with her play she is participating in, the performances have been all week, and we went last night and enjoyed the high quality production! We are very proud of her, she has such a high commitment level to everything she participates in and this was no exception. So tonight Laurel is going with a friend to watch and the girl cousins will be there with the grandparents to enjoy the closing night production of "Bye, Bye, Birdie"
And we will enjoy our quiet night with just one child at home! Sweet Carter is going to get an overload of parental quality time!

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