Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lazy Sunday

A beautiful, lazy Sunday spent with the family and pups, perfect!
The weather was amazing, the perfect temperature, and sunny with high clouds over the mountain tops, gorgeous!

They were both lapdogs yesterday, and it was really fun to see them playing and getting along so well! Novak has been a little whiny, we think he had just gotten ovestimulated and that Nikolay wasn't letting him rest enough. So when he started to be more interactive and complaining less, we figured that he had decided that his new family was okay.

There is going to be a new Method Playground challenge up tomorrow, and I really am excited about how great the participation was with this last one of hand cutting, going to be tough to pick people to RAK!

The kids are busy and happy, and that makes me busy and discombobulated (not sure if that is a word or how to spell it, but it says a lot! LOL!) But when they are happy, I am happy and that is a good thing!


rachel carlson said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww, look at all of you! furry hugs from lomein. thanks for sharing, rach

Anonymous said...

Ok - they are sooo cute!! I love their long noses!! Isn't it cute how they are big dogs and still think they are lap dogs? My golden used to do that - and the bigger he got the more awkward/cute it became - they are just so cute!

Brenda said...

awwwww - you got a new friend! they are so cute! Glad your happy and the kids are happy - maybe i will go participate at MP this time around since i'm homebound!

Laura Fiore said...

They're beautiful...and it looks like Nikolay is letting the little guy know whose mom you really are! I love the beading challenge...going to try to get to it...lord knows I have enough beads sitting around!

Kim Hughes said...

your pictures are awesome Bek!
what doll babies they are :)