Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

What does your Easter Bunny look like?
This is ours! Laurel had these cute ears and we just had to put them on him! Nikolay is sometimes referred to as the bunny because of the way he holds his ears and bounces around when he is playing, he had to be the cutest bunny ever!

We did do an egg hunt today, the kids loved all the treats in the eggs, and even though they are too old, it didn't stop them from recing around and scooping up eggs by the handful!
And the boys got special Easter goodies too, new bones to chew on in the wonderful spring weather that we had today!
We had a wonderful day enjoying each others company and relaxing! A big ham, some twice baked potatoes and a lot of chocolate eggs later, a big dinner is cleaned up after and we are watching a movie together, the best way to spend the holiday!


Houston said...

Wow, that is one cute bunny! I just love to see your pictures of family, you always really seem to be enjoying life.

Mary Kay said...

No real eggs, though? :P

Brenda said...

aww cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful easter! Love the ears on the pooch!