Sunday, December 02, 2007

Today is Chloe's 15th birthday!

She spent the whole weekend with her girl cousins celebrating! Ellie's and Olivia's birthday's are the 29th and 30th of November, so it is one big week of celebrating! Chloe went down for Ellie's party on Friday and stayed for Olivia's party on Saturday and then their Grandmother Hakes took all the girls out for a "Girls Night" to see the movie Enchanted. We missed her so much, but she had such a great time!

Did I mention that it snowed here yesterday? Yup, this is a picture of Tyler out on the back deck and that is about 10" of Utah fresh on the table. Not fun to shovel anyway, but when there is this much of it, it is really hard to find a place to stack it! That face he is giving me is the one that is about him not really wanting his picture taken and not really wanting to shovel. Hard to decide what to be grumpier about!

There will be a new Method Playground challenge tomorrow, it was a great technique, and one that really challenged me! I will have pics of my project to share tomorrow!

Also the December gallery is up at Creating Inspirations and there are tons of wonderful project ideas, some that I will be using myself!

And as if that isn't enough, there will be a blog scavenger hunt on Wednesday from the design team at PcLayers for something that makes a great gift that is super easy to create! Can't wait to share more about that!

Anyway, a very fun weekend and lots more to come this week!

Happy Birthday Chloe!


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Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Chloe - your layout is beautiful - I can't beleive it snowed that much there!! We got NOTHING.