Thursday, October 25, 2007

Personality Plus!!!

So each of these pictures truly deserves a post of its own, but maybe later, for right now, I just had to share the personalities of my kids showing up in the choices of their Halloween costumes. This gives me little glimpses into their minds, and I am really amused by it all!

Laurel even asked if she could wear hers to school today, and I of course said no, and then laughed and pointed out that it no longer was a costume that way, just a funky outfit! She even did the kitchen clean-up this afternoon wearing the wig with her super long blonde ponytail hanging out the back, hilarious!!!

Carter had his school party today. He is, get this a Garden Gnome. Where did he come up with this? He and his buddy were hanging out at recess and having laughs when the buddy suggested jokingly the idea of the gnome, Carter was instantly sold!!! And it so fits him, happy, fun and always looking for ways to be a bit of an imp!!

Chloe is sweet as pie, but she has this funny little devilish side that comes out at the funniest times. And she can give the stink eye like no other! Don't let those freckles fool you, there is a tiny bit of a devil in there waiting for her chance to stick her pitchfork in you!

And Mr. Wu is so Tyler, the kids with the short fuse is trying so hard to find his inner, old, wise man side. He is almost a brown belt in Aikido, and that really is his very own Bokun (sp?) He worked hard to earn that, and he is sometimes that little old man that yells at you to get off his lawn!

Classic Halloween with teens!!


Anonymous said...

this is great. love the costumes. i know where the kids get their great creative ideas....

rachel said...

OH MY GOODNESS bek! they are are so fabulous but carter gets xtra points for his originality!? rich saw it and says he's going to be a garden gnome, i think i'm in too!!!

celeste said...

love these costumes! so much fun.