Thursday, September 06, 2007

Method to our Madness!!!!

I am super excited, some of the Honorable Mention Girls have gotten together and put a blog out called Method Playground it is almost ready for viewing, so if you try the link and it doesn't get you all the way there, try again it is really close!

All of us that are involved (Deborah Mahnken, Jen Armentrout, Alicia Story and I) all love techniques and wanted to have a way to share what we do, have guests to share what they do and have a way to invite everyone to participate, learn and enjoy creating with great ideas in a supportive atmosphere! Please pass the word along too if you don't mind! We are going to be doing paper, digital, hybrid and all kinds of other things, so there will be something for literally everyone!

Can you tell that I am a little excited about the coming season?!!! I just love the fall and Halloween is just the best most fun holiday pretty much ever!

Anyway, got tons of stuff to do, and dinner is calling!


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