Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beautiful Day!

So gorgeous today!
It was finally the perfect June weather, 78 degrees and sunny!
I went over to a friends house and we played tennis for a couple of hours, had some bagels and then I borrowed her adorable little corgie Rosie!
Rosie and I came home to the kids and Dave cleaning up the yard, very cool!
Rosie played with the kids got loved on tons and then I took her back to her mom who had missed her very much!
I then went and picked up a few digital kits from an amazing artist that I will get to tell you more about later, but let me just say, her family, her puppy, and her neighborhood are all completely adorable!
I brought the kits home and was so inspired that I made a few projects immediately and just loved how they turned out!
So grateful to have had such a beautiful day!


AK2CO Girl said...

ooh la this page! Jealous of your 78 degrees. I swear it was 90 here today.

Rachelle said...

sounds like a wonderful day!
i think we're going to be a 100 here today. can't wait to hear more about the digi stuff :)