Saturday, April 28, 2007

A little Melancholy

I have been a little sad this week.

I have been playing tennis since we moved to Utah at a club located at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon called Canyon Raquet Club. It was sold last summer to a developer who intended to demolish the entire 23 court (tne are indoor) facility and then re-develop it as high end homes/condos. The head pro at the club was given 8 more months of running the club while tests and plans were being done, but today that time officially is up.

Yesterday morning I played with my Friday morning tennis group for the last time, we had a great little luncheon together, and took a few pics, so sad.

Last night was the closing party and today was the kids last lessons there.

I have gone to that club everyday sometimes 3 or 4 on lesson days. It is a hub for our family and it is going to leave a huge hole in our lives.

We will be going to Lehi where they have built a new facility and where the pros our kids have been learning from will be teaching at. I have taken a job there very part time. On the days the kids have their workouts I will be answering phones at the front desk.
During the summer I will very likely be there every day because of the camps that the kdis love to do.
Very life altering.


rachel said...

awwww - hang in there! before you know, you'll be just as happy at the new place too. HUGS!

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