Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Self Googled

Today I was told that I had been googled.
An interesting concept, someone googles you learns more about the name than they wanted to, and maybe even ran across some interesting or possibly helpful information.
So out of curiousity factor, I googled myself.
Found A LOT of Becky Olsens out there, most are far more accomplished than I, and probably more interesting to read about! Not much on me out there, which is fine by me, LOL!
But I took it one step further and googled my message board user name which is a little more unusual, and found out lots more about myself than I anticipated!
Does this seem backward to anyone else?
You use a name on the message boards to maybe soften the impact of being so many places at once, it is kind of your inner child coming out to play. And the name that you go by you expect that people really know who you are and all about you.
Today I learned that this is just not the case necessarily!
I found out that a scrapper I enjoy, Caro, used me for a scraplift challenge, I am completely flattered and absolutely dumbstruck because she is from FRANCE! Scroll down the link a bit and there is a layout that I did for the Scenic Route booth for CHA-Summer. Blew me away!
So how darling is this lift? How fun to find this one too!Anyway, I don't know who did these, but they did a great job!
Anyway, go google yourself! I think it will surprise you with what you find!

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