Friday, March 23, 2007

The faith to bring the umberella

So there is a Mormon Pioneer story that goes like this:

The first summer that the pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley it was barren.
They planted all of the grain that they had set aside to farm this coarse land. They tended and worked and prayed that all would go well because that was all they had. Failure would mean death to many.
It was a very hot and dry summer and the crops began to fail because of the lack of moisture.
So the pioneers fasted and prayed for the moisture to come.
One evening they decided to gather and pray together for the blessing of moisture that was so desperately needed.
There was only one person who brought an umberella. And it was a young girl.
It began to rain, and there was one person there who had complete and perfect faith and had come prepared.
I wish to have the hope and faith of a child.
I try to bring my umberella when I need a blessing, sometimes it is hard.
But being prepared to meet the blessings that the Lord gives is not always so easy, we become skeptical and callous. Faith is a tough thing in the world we live in, we are on the Lord's time table and not our own.
We may not understand why or when, but we should bring our umberella.

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Angela said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!