Sunday, February 25, 2007

Slippery Slope

Poor little Tori.
We had a plan, and it was a good one.
Take all the kids sledding at the elementary school, have some hot chocolate and then a dinner together...
sounds nice right?
Well we weren't at the school for even 15 minutes before Tori takes off after Tyler and she slips, falls and starts crying hysterically. She has been known to be a little dramatic so it took a few minutes to calm her down and figure out what was going on.
She hurt her leg when she slipped and there was a huge bump on it, if you tried to touch it, she went sideways with pain. We thought she might have fractured it, so we sent Rick and Bri with her to the hospital and we stayed with their 3 our4 and kept playing.
They called us a couple of hours later to let us know that it did indeed get broken and that they would be a few hours with the splinting and such.
It is a bummer that she got hurt so badly, and it was not doing any of the sledding, it was just from the pre-excitement goofies.
I see a big pack of sharpies is in her future.

update: So we were rude and continued to play. And of course, I did have to sled because I am a big goofball. Thought i would add some of the cute pics from the day!

We fed the kids little cesar's pizza and watched some movies until we got the call that we could bring them home. Tori is going to spend the next few days at home off of her leg, it can't be load bearing, and they need the swelling to go down before they can cast it.
Yeah, I had no gloves, and the gloves on the littlest one look a little big, pieces of the puzzle coming together, hehehehe!
Yup, hers got soaked, so she stole mine!

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