Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tragically Ugly Feet

This is one sad fact about me that I don't even try to deny.
One of the things you have to sacrifice if you are even remotely involved with anything athletic is the good looks of your feet. To be an exceptional skier your boot must be absolutely, perfectly fit and about a size smaller than a shoe you would wear in your everyday life, after hours and hours like this, your feet start to become deformed and lose toenails. To run marathons you must get used to the fact that you will get blisters and lose toenails. To play tennis, your feet are in hot shoes for a couple hours at a time, building disgusting callouses that are absolutely necessary to the survival of your feet in preventing more blisters.
An adorable friend who was having a crummy day invited me to go get pedicures with her. Now I really enjoy the company of this girl and she was pretty down today, so you would think I could take one for the team and just go get the pedicure and hang out and not be embarassed. NOPE.
I can't do it. My feet are beyond sad, truly a tragedy of GREEK proportions.
I know, I am the worst friend.
I did make it up to her by helping with something else, and maybe she will know that she is appreciated and cherished as a friend in spite of my HUGE shortcomings!
So the moral of the story is if you are having a crummy day, let me help cheer you up by some good quality shopping time, lunch or even maybe a few sets of tennis.
But please don't make me feel like a complete dirtbag when I have to tell you no to a pedicure.

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