Sunday, December 10, 2006

December blahs

We celebrated Chloe's 14th birthday with her cousins, Ellie turned 12 ywo days before, and Olivia had her 7th birthday 3days before. It was crazy with lots of goofing around and a huge chocolate cake with candles in it for all of them to blow out together! Chloe got a couple of really cool gifts, spent some of her shopping spree money on some lotion and books and is saving the rest for the after holiday sales! Smart Girl!
I took lots of pictures of Rick and Brianna with the girls for their Christmas card, I haven't edited any of them, but they are soooo cute! I can't wait to see which one they are using!
Holly one of Tyler's best friends had her birthday on the 30th of November (same day as Ellie's) and I made her some Christmas cards as a b-day gift. She is a Senior, involved in everything, and just way to busy to have time to do it herself, so I thought it would be nice for her to have some to send out. I hope she likes them, I used Sande Krieger's new Christmas stamps from Autumn Leaves and I am biased, but they are so stinking cute!
Anyway, December is crazy and I have a giant case of the blahs right now. I am trying to get some design work done for CHA and also get some LOs submitted so I can say i am still trying to be a "professional" in the industry...
I am glad for the creative distractions, they are helping me stay on track.
That being said, how do you get mojo-nated for the holidays when you just aren't feeling it?
Any thoughts...
Let me know!
Peace, Love and Holiday bliss!

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