Monday, October 23, 2006

It takes guts!

To do halloween kids style!
Getting the pumpkins emptied and carved for seven kids is a gory and hilarious experience!
The kids have grand plans, and they are so cute when they draw their own images and then carve them oh so carefully!
We put the seven kids/pumpkins on the kitchen floor. Each with their own garbage bag opened and the pumpkin set inside.
This process saves a LOT of cleaning!
Every year we buy a few new carving sets to replace the ones we broke or couldn't find. We get out big huge serving spoons, rice paddles and ice cream spatulas to dig the slimy innards out of the crusty shells.
Every year we have one pumpkin top that is opened to large and one that is opened far too small. But this year was just that more interesting because some of these distinctions were shared with the cousins. Usually the four of my kids manage to do many crazy and silly things themselves but this year some of those distinctions were able to find new places to land! And of course I am so amped that I have my book done and waiting for all these darling pics! WooHOoooo!
It is so great having Rick and his family living so close now, the kids love having the "girl" cousins to spend time with, and I love having my brother and his amazing wife for friends! The holidays have become so much more now, and I LOVE IT!

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