Saturday, July 01, 2006

TV Tennis butt!

So I love tennis.
And I love to watch tennis.
And today was one of those days that was an amazing tv day for tennis, but the result after a day spent on my butt, I am SAD!
Andre Agassi, what a wonderful athlete and great philanthropist, played Rafael Nadal.
He lost and it broke my heart, because Andre just announced that he is retiring after the U.S. Open in Sept. It was a beautiful match but Rafa had all the answers today.
The next match that took my heart was Andy Roddick playing Andy Murray. After almost three hours Andy Murray played brilliant tennis and upset Roddick. I so wanted Roddick to get through here and have a comeback worthy of his ability, he just couldn't come up with what he needed to make it happen today.

On a more spiritual note, Chad and Tori (nephew and niece) were baptized today, and I spoke. It was a great experience to share my love of the Holy Ghost with them. We spent the afternoon at my parents enjoying lunch and the company of my quirky family, it was fun!

My project for the next couple of days is to WIN a trip to AZ for a scrapbooking event that I have been wanting so badly to go to!
Kim Kwan pointed this out to me, and I am really competitive and want to win because I deserved it, not because no one else is playing! So find a partner and play! Don't you really want to go? Yeah, you know you do!

So this post is going to be short because I have a lot of blog reading to do to find the answers!
See you in at the girls weekend!

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