Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I really was missing the boy today. I wasn't the only one either. To deal with my sadness I went to the craft room and made a layout from some of his bath pictures. Then Carter came in and we went through the pile of pics to have me make him a special memory book.
On the tennis front, I am really looking forward to this league season. I was recruited early in Jan for the summer season for a 4.0 group of gals that I really enjoy playing with. This is an unusual thing to have happen. I am still technically a 3.5 so for these women to accept me and actually want me as opposed to me wishing that I could be playing up is great! What is even better is that this team is really strong and there is a good chance that we could go into some after season play! I went and played doubles with Ally tonight against Karen V. and Karen T. They absolutely cleaned our clocks! It was nice though, I was able to work on my serve and get it grooved and also to recognize that I need to split step to get a better return of serve. As soon as I get flat-footed my return goes downhill fast! One of my goals this season is to get better at my seve and volley. I am very strong of the baseline, but as the players improve I will be playing against, so will the need to be at the net.
Anyway, just a good analogy for my life right now, hehehehe! When I am flat-footed and not preparing for what is next I tend to get caught unawares. When I split-step and then go and get what I want and make a plan on how to have that happen, even if I am not successful all the time, I at least feel like I am moving forward.

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