Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Installment two of Vancouver

Saturday it rained, a lot! But by the evening, it was over, and the air was cool and clean. Christina and I went for a walk down the boardwalk by the old cannery in Steveston, the sunset was gorgeous.
Christina was such a wonderful tour guide, she was born and raised in Vancouver, and knows so much about the culture and changes that have occured locally through the years! I loved the diversity and laid back attitude of this city! For part of the day, we cleaned and set up for the warehouse sale that was on Sunday. We stuffed the grab bags full of amazing rubber stamps that would be sure to please the attendees! Got the tables organized and the items prices and displayed. It looked really nice when we were done!
For dinner we had Greek and it was Delish! All in all the day was a blur of activity!

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