Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Teenagers and Husbands....

Had the biggest panic today doing carpool!
Laurel and Chloe always call and let me know where they are on the walk to the elementary school where I pick up Carter, and I scoop them from whereever they might be along the way.
Well, today, Laurel never called. So I called her about four times with no answer. Yikes I was scared and worried! Had something happened to them while walking, had there been an accident at school, you know, all the scenarios run through your head. I pick up Carter and then go to the Jr. high to see if I can track down the girls. I see Chloe immediately, but no Laurel. What? Chloe has no clue and had been sitting patiently at the place that she and Laurel have designated as their meeting place for after school.
This just makes me more worried! Where could she possibly be? I run into the office and let them know that I am concerned about the location of my missing teenager, something that I am sure they deal with on a daily basis. But it is new to me! She looks at me calmly and lets me know that she was thinking Laurel had signed up for a make-up class that was being held after school today and would I like her to call the class room and find out for sure? Heck yeah (I said in my mind) as I politely reply would you mind, that would help me a lot! She gets right back to me and says "Mrs. McDonald has Laurel there and expects to be done at 4:00". Great. It was decided while I was out of town (of course) with her dad and he gave her the ok without mentioning it to me. I call him and ask him if he had know about this and got the "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you". Great.
Is it just me? Would you absolutely just lose it? I was really scared and beyond concerned. I know we live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but that doesn't mean that something bad can't happen, I lived in So. Cal for too long I know better.
So had the chat with the daughter about being responsible for telling both parents what is going on and then using the phone we gave her for the intended use of keeping in touch. Then I have spent the rest of the evening torturing husband for getting "old timers"!
The life of a car pool queen, just one unending loop of school to school to school and then home. Yes, four kids and three different schools, none of which are within walking distance. Never mind that husband uses the train right now and likes to be dropped and picked up as well instead of using the bus.
Any suggestions?

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cindy said...

Beat 'em Becky.... GRRR!!!
I hate that when that happens... Not sure what the right answer is,
however having a place (maybe by the calender) where they have to write info down could help... and make sure they each take an oath... right hand, signature... the whole shabang baby!!