Saturday, April 01, 2006


I know I will be for a while.
Losing Wendy and Avalanche within two weeks is a lot for me.

I saw the parallel in their paths with the battles they fought, and even though I knew with Avalanche what the inevitable was, didn't expect it with Wendy. I really knew she had the faith and strength to fight through it. Heavenly Father just needed her more than we did. It was so emotional to see her parents, her husband and her kids. I haven't cried like that ever. I love them all so much too, but for some reason that I will never understand, or question we had a bond that made her feel like a sister to me. Seeing her in her casket with her temple clothes on reminded me of the day she and Rick got married, and I got to go with her into the brides room as her sister. The excitement and the glow on her beautiful face is still so fresh in my mind, it was only ten years ago.
She was without spot.
So good and unassuming and generous.
Her son Dallas said to her husband Rick, "It isn't fair dad, you got twelve years with her and I only got eight." Out of the mouths of babes come the most profound and important things. In perspective, with eternity just around the corner for all of us, it is just a spec but what a blessing in our lives to find people who help pass the time here in a constructive and enjoyable way. That is Wendy, she knew how to have lots of good fun that was funny. (to quote the cat in the hat)
Wendy, I know you are just around the corner, and that we will be hanging out again soon enough, please don't have to much fun without me.
With Love!

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Monica Schoenemann said...

I am so sorry for your lose, Wendy sounds like an amazing person. It always breaks my heart to see young moms go. I just can't imagine leaving my family.