Sunday, March 19, 2006


Being a poppet! I took my own image and photoshoped it to create a more Claudine Hellmuth like Poppet. This is one of the pictures that Rox had taken of me while we were with Lazar StudioWERX in Las Vegas. Next time I will try some different things but it was fun to go crazy and just try different things!
Other wise, the weather is still stormy and is is actually snowing right now! My poor tulips and crocus are not going to know which way is up!
Still missing Avalanche a lot!
Played too much tennis this week and I am kind of feeling burnt out. One win one loss both in third set tie breaks. Would rather have won the one we lost, but oh, well that is tennis.
Volunteered at a fundraiser on Friday night and it was a group I will probably not voluteer for again, it was not a very positive experience.
Kelly is coming to visit at the end of the week, and it will be a nice change of pace. She will only stay for a few days, but she is bringing Pico her dog, and it will be fun to have them around!
Anyway, that is about it for now.

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