Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March 8th at 1:00 p.m. A time to remember

Avalanche passed away.
We miss him. He is a big dog, and our hearts have big holes in them.
When all of us got home safely from our daily obligations, a light beautiful snow fell for a few minutes. It was a wonderful and perfect closure for us. It was as if Avalanche sent us this moment to say Heavenly Father has it at the perfect tempurature here, and I'm doing great!
It was incredible.
I am so relieved for him that he isn't in any more pain.
He will be the best guardian angel, and we know that Heaven has a special place for dogs, the most unconditional of all creatures.
I had to put some of the highlight shots in as a tribute to his memory.

A long wet walk with Laurel was a smelly, delightful, soggy experience for both!
Anytime you get to snuggle with such a love muffin you are the lucky dog!
one of our favorite ways to tease Avalanche was by pushing his ears up and calling him Easter bunny, and then pushing his ears forward and calling him the big bad wolf. He was always in the mood to play, and loved the attention!

The holidays won't be the same without him, he was always in the middle of everything checking it all out! But the real gift was him leaving hair everywhere....

...and we will long be remembering him as we pull his fluff out of towels, clothes and off the furniture!
Thanks for everything baby dog, we cherish your memory!


Jessie said...

awwwww *cry*

SageHen said...

Awww Sweetheart. He's a beautiful dog and he left you with beautiful memories. Who could ask anything more of a furry friend.