Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Changing the Spin

Time to change my spin, been feeling a negative pull and so I am going to push it back around through sheer will power today!
Missing Avalanche.
Okay now that is out of the way, all my wonderful good stuff has room to come out!
I have been on a design team that I just love working with Little Black Dress Designs!
Tina Masterjohn is so talented, accepting and wonderful, and has really been a blessing in my life! I get to do some travel dates with her, and the first one is in St. Louis and I can't wait! Only a few weeks away and it will be so fun! She has let me give some input on some products, and it has been so great to feel valued! Thanks Tina!
Just this last week, Christina from Lazar StudioWerx placed me on her design team and is having me help with coordinating the talent. I am really excited about this opportunity! The women that I will be working with are all very talented and I hope that I can help meet their needs and Christina's! I also just ordered piles of rubber stamps from Lazar and can't wait to get to play with them!
I have never been a stamper kind of girl, but these are so amazing, I am converted!
It has been gloomy for about ten days and another set of storms is coming in later but it is sunny and blue here in SLC today, and it feels so good!

Totally forget to mention this earlier, but it is PI day, and that is a holiday in our house! 3.14 is a fabulous number, and we have a few nerds who live here, so we love this day!

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SageHen said...

Becky! How you doing, girl. Don't you wish the snow would just stop already!