Thursday, February 09, 2006

Designer Dinner fun!

Rox and I had such a great time at the dinner catching up with friends we love, and making new friends who are so wonderful! I met such a fun, cute girl, she had on the cutest green wedge shoes and of course I had to compliment her on them. That cute girl ended up being Tia!
We had to take a picture in honor of the silly carrot avatar I use once a while (which apparently is memorable enough to provoke pictures like this)
Loved meeting May, she is such a sweet PEA! She, Rox and Tia were so cute together, hanging out and being cool!

Another fabulous moment for me was the Kim Mattina moment!
I just love this woman, and she is amazing! She was wearing super GLAM beaded jeans, my jacket was way over the top, so we had to have a SUPA STAH moment!

And of course there is the Specklebird! Jessie Baldwin baby, gotta love ya! So talented, crazy, fun and wise in one little body, she is the whole package! I wish I had gotten to spend more time with her, Rox and I did catch up with her at the Michael Miller booth doing her make-n-take, but next time we are in LV, she is OURS!
There were so many give aways at this dinner, and the gift bags were so heaped with amazing goodies! When we checked in we were given our goodie bags, but there were a few left over. I never win anything, but my name was actually called (by the MC Jessie!) and I won another goodie bag!
got to spend some time with the adorable Robin Werlich, we had a good run at the dessert bar during the evening! Sadly (LOL!), no pictures of our gluttony!

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Jessie said...

yay!!! we are so cute!!! when are you coming to visit me??